Fat reduction with cavitation

Cavistar Basic

What is Cavitation?

Cavitation is ultrasound energy at larger frequencies, from 26 MHz or 28MHz depending on the device. Cavitation, through a hydrodynamic effect which occurs when a fluid in liquid state passes at high speed, causes a decompression of the fluid, which causes it to change to steam immediately, forming bubbles or cavities. These bubbles travel to areas of higher pressure and implode and collide, causing the steam to return to liquid state. The pressure generated by cavitation in fat cells makes them implode, reducing notoriously the number of fat cells in our body, and so the patient may notice a significant improvement by reducing sizes with just one session.


One of the major benefits of this treatment is that it does not require the use of sedatives; eliminates fat nodes both on the surface and within deep skin; it does not damage the surrounding tissue; it can be applied to almost all types of fat tissue; and the best is that results can be permanent because adipocytes (fat cells) do not reproduce.