Medspa & Holistic Center

We have nutritional guidance and evaluations with an aesthetic doctor, which help the patient to have optimal, fast, and effective results.

At Perfection we have a nutritional consulting service and aesthetic evaluations with a specialist so the patient can have the best, fast and effective results.

We don't just worry about you outside body, we also care for your inside.

We believe health is the most important thing in life, so, besides having the best doctors and therapists, we have a nutritionist that will guide you step by step so you can learn the best way to eat and support at the same time your treatment achieving the best results.

Many people think that going with a nutritionist will be boring or they just don't want to go on a diet, in Perfection we create a new way of having a good nutrition, teaching you how to eat on the basis of your personal lifestyle. Learning how to eat is a great way to have your body in best shape. Doing it in a practical and simple way.

Our recommendation is to get carried away by this new experience and you will not regret it when you see results. Come to Perfections and get a free appointment, so the doctor can evaluate your case, and if you purchase your package, all your nutrition consultations will be included.



  • VisiaSkin quality diagnosis
  • Cavistar BasicFat reduction
  • Therapeutic UltrasoundReduction of pain and inflammation
  • Diller & DillerSkin and face affections
  • HydrojetMicropeeling
  • LumicellCellulitis reduction
  • AccentColagen production
  • QuantumFacial photorejuvenation
  • HarmonyFade scars and wrinkles
  • Light SheerLaser depilation
  • SopranoLaser depilation
  • LumimaxAcne reduction
  • Photodynamic therapyReduce acne
  • Cryo-ZimmerPain and burning reduction